Meklit Wholistic International Ministry

"And they went forth, and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them..."
Mark 16:20 

Mission 2006

In 2006 through our ministry Gospel was witnessed for 8889 people and 519 people accepted Lord Jesus Christ as personal savior. The same year we were able to plant three home fellowship each of them have over fifty members, and two Churches each of them have over Hundred fifty members.
We have currently 32 missionaries in six locations.
The man who was in bondage for 12 years by evil spirits Opening ceremony of the new church


Mission 2007

Throughout the year 2007 meklit gospel ministry was able to reach out over 20,000 people with the gospel of Jesus Christ, out of this 720 people received lord Jesus Christ as personal savior and become a disciple.
The same year Seven home fellowship planted.
Places of where the missionaries are. Newly planted church


Mission 2008

Since January 2008 our ministry outreach center in Debraziet have a great fruit as we see the church and those who come knows Jesus Christ as a personal savior and lord decides to have a water baptism.
Achievement at all the stations where our missionaries are based from January till October 2008.
Reached- 8,053 Received Jesus as Lord and savior-

Debre Zeyit Church  
New converts baptized during the second round of baptism of the church in Debre Zeyit.
Third round water baptism in Debre Zeyit.  
Meki Church Inside a church
A woman gets free from the bondage of witchcraft.  
Debre Birhan Church  


Mission 2009

From January 1 till December 31 2010 - 17,428 Peoples heard the gospel and 526 people get saved four Churches are planted 143 Disciples took water baptism.
Kuyera Church  
M.G.M. April 12 to 14, 2009 conference at Debre Zeyit  
From Dec.11 to 13, 2009 Debre Zeyit MGM church conference.
From Dec.18 to 20, 2009 Meki MGM church conference.
From Dec.25 to 27, 2009 Kuyera MGM church conference.


Mission 2010

From January 1 till December 31 2010 - 17,428 Peoples heard the gospel and 526 people get saved four Churches are planted 143 Disciples took water baptism.
From January 8 to January 10, 2010 Bekakesa MGM Church conference.


Mission 2011

From January to December 31, 2011 in Ethiopia meklit ministry reach out to the lost by the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to 18,482 people out of this 439 people get saved, 35 have a water baptism and one church planted.
Newly Planted Church
Those who took water baptism  
A One Day Conference  
 First round of Three Days CPM training attendants.  

Those who attended the CPM training are from:

Meklit Ministry Church

Kalehiwot Church

Makane eyesus Church

Meserete Kiristos Church

Hiwot Berihan Church

Faith Bible International church

Ammanuel Hibret Church

Lutheran Church

Meklit Ministry Missionaries.



Mission 2012


January to December 2012 Meklit W
holistic International ministry reached out with the good news for 10,003 people and 453 people get saved by the liberating message of the Gospel and 99 of them took water baptizem. 








Mission 2013

From January to June 2013 Meklit Wholistic International ministry reached out with the good news for 3526 people and 199 people get saved by the liberating message of the Gospel and 8 of them took water baptizem.

Visiting meklit churches different part of Ethiopia and having conferences, preaching the word of God, Training Pastors, Evangelists and Missionaries and Attending a water baptism. The guest speakers are Pastor Bruce Hills from World-outreach and Pastor Peter Lewis from Breakthrough Church, Blackburn North, VIC.

55 pastors attended the seminar. More than half were Meklit pastors. The others were leaders from 11 different denominations. Here are some of the responses we received from the pastors:

(Lady Pastor) “I have to change things in me first before I can change things in the church”

(Young Pastor) “Beyond words”

(Senior Denominational Leader) “This teaching has been a word in season for us in Ethiopia to bring us through some difficult problems.

(Visiting overseas Ethiopian Pastor) “This is the first time in 25 years I have seen all the denominations gather. It is like the church in Antioch.” 








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